Fitness anywhere for everyone!

At home or in the office, no matter where you work it's hard to make time for exercise. Let's solve that! CFW Fit Streaming brings the fitness to you. Connect with our highly trained instructors for motivating workouts and healthy lifestyle videos anywhere and anytime.

Starting at $ 14.99 /month.

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We meet you where you are on your fitness journey!

Whether you're just getting started or have been exercising for years, CFW Fit Streaming can help you reach your goals. We know how challenging it is to balance busy work and home life with health and fitness. Corporate fitness has been our specialty for over 30 years. Our streaming content is designed for busy people like you. We help you fit exercise, healthy eating, and relaxation into your day so that you can thrive in your work and in life.

You have the will and the want to. We supply the content and the how to.

From beginner to advanced, cardio to meditation, our content covers the spectrum of health and fitness interests. Our video and live stream services are designed specifically for busy people seeking a healthier, active work-life balance.

Fit it in!

Workouts that require minimal time and equipment, but maximal results.


Change it up!

With a wide range of workouts, you'll never get bored.


Keep it going!

Progression style programs with live stream options keep you motivated for the long haul.

Try it now! Enjoy a 14-day free subscription on us!
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Move more, eat well, reduce stress, and make meaningful connections.

CFW Streaming gives you access to highly educated and certified health and fitness professionals that run our onsite programs. Our instructors guide you on the path to improved physical well-being with creative outlets to increase movement, recharge and reduce stress, nourish the body, and build strong connections with live stream interactions. It’s all right here, ready for you to join!


Choose from two affordable and convenient subscription options, monthly or annual. CFW Corporate Members can subscribe for either option and enter promo code at checkout for discounted rate.


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